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  • Technology reliance and the ethical implications on our youth, society, politics, energy
  • Equality in the workplace for women, representing my counter-voice to the #MeToo movement
  • Critical minerals and resource reliance, and the implications on national security
  • The growing influence of China in technology, and implications for America’s freedoms
  • Silicon Valley’s new role replacing New York as financial center of the country, and its implications

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nn Bridges is a native of Chicago who earned her B.S. degree from Stanford University. Settling in diverse Silicon Valley, she embarked on a challenging career spanning operations, finance, and marketing executive positions in the exploding convergence of the technology, communications, and entertainment industries.

Upon leaving the corporate world, she leveraged her years of intimate business experience in order to write conservative, intelligent fiction.

Her debut novel, Private Offerings, was named Best Business Fiction of 2015 by Wealth Management Magazine. Its sequel, Rare Mettle, tackles global free trade juxtaposed against rising political tensions and national security. Kit’s Mine exposes the plight of immigrant Chinese and native Californios fighting for their property rights in 1870 post-Gold Rush California.

Ann Bridges is a featured speaker at leading business conferences and universities, talking about the impact and ethics of technology, and the need to grasp China’s role in our past, present, and future. A frequent guest on national radio shows, she shares insights on today’s Silicon Valley and the issues affecting women, consumers and investors. She has recently joined ranks with creative organization Taliesin Nexus and think-tank Heartland Institute to promote freedom of ideas and marketplaces to the next generation.

Recent Speaking

  • Sand Hill Review 
  • 11/17 Heartland Institute 
  • 9/17 Taliesin Nexus Conference panelist for the Calliope Fiction & Nonfiction Book Authors Workshop.
  • 3/17  San Jose State University Speech to members of the Financial Management Association’s campus chapter about networking and people skills in today’s workplace.
  • 1/17 KFYI 550 AM Phoenix, AZ 
  • Think! America Radio 

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