Michael Schaus

Communications Director, Nevada Policy Research Institute



Innovation and free markets
Tax Reform
Tax policy
Second Amendment
Individual rights
School choice

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ichael Schaus is communications director at the Nevada Policy Research Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, and a policy advisor for the Heartland Institute.

As a former (or recovering) political humorist, Michael is passionate about generating a new way to discuss free market solutions to public problems.

Before moving to Las Vegas, Michael worked as a national columnist and a conservative talk show host in Denver, Colorado. His work focused mostly on economic issues, although he also became an outspoken defender of the Second Amendment — often appearing on the National Rifle Association’s news channel to discuss the importance of preserving our individual rights.

He originally became interested in economic theory earlier in life, while employed in the financial sector. As the liaison between a local community bank and the Federal Reserve, he acquired an in-depth understanding of just how manipulative big government can be toward industry and enterprise.

As a native of Colorado and a current resident of Nevada, Michael allows his passion for western American values, limited government and the great outdoors to guide his work. Today,  he continues to search for new ways to discuss free market concepts, individual rights and limited government with new and diverse audiences.

Recent Speaking

Michael speaks to groups of all sizes — from small conservative meetings throughout Colorado and Nevada, to large-scale libertarian and conservative gatherings such as Freedom Fest in Las Vegas. Some recent speaking engagements include events put on by Americans For Prosperity (Nevada chapter), events for the Nevada GOP, and countless events hosted by Nevada Policy Research Institute.

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